What should you do if a smartphone gets wet in the rain

At this time of the monsoon, the rain can start suddenly. If you are not careful beforehand, the apparel can be soaked with your daily life, smart phones. The phone is likely to be damaged due to wet conditions. Here are some things you can do if a smartphone gets wet in the rain.

1. When the phone is soaked in rain water, clean it first The more fluid there is, the sooner the parts of the phone are likely to deteriorate If there is a short circuit can be longer All the information contained in the phone may be lost.

2. Before you turn on the phone, delete it Quickly unplug everything inside the phone, namely the battery, SIM card, memory card. Wrap the exposed parts of the phone in a dry cloth and wrap the cloth. This will reduce the possibility of damage to the phone. Wipe the inside of the phone with a thin cloth.

3. Unplug the SIM card from the phone. Then delete the phone inside Then insert the SIM card

4. If the screen guard is installed on the phone, keep it open

5. Do not apply the hair dryer on the phone without forgetting to dry it in the rain. Hair Parts can melt in the hot air.

6. Keep the phone wet in the sun for a while If there is little water somewhere, keeping it in the sun will dry it out.

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